Mitsubishi Clubs Grand Meet Latvia, 22. - 23. September

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Mitsubishi Clubs Grand Meet Latvia, 22. - 23. September

PostitusPostitas JanZi » R Aug 17, 2007 5:17 pm

Hello neighbor Mitsubishi enthusiasts.
I`m writing to inform You, that there`s gonna be held gathering of Mitsubishi and DSM clubs from Lithuania and Latvia on 22. - 23 of September this year. You are welcome too. :)
The schedule could be as follows (it is in planning process at the moment still) some racing with cars and/or go-karts, paintball game, football, volleyball matches, and other activities to meet new friends and similar-thinking people. At the evening party would be set up, as well as possibility to relax in sauna.
Here are photos of previous meetings last year:

As the organisation of the GM is in progress, it would be nice to hear from You if You have an interest to participate in an event like this.
Additional info is available.
Hope to see You in Latvia!
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PostitusPostitas jaan mmc » L Aug 18, 2007 8:19 pm

Thanks for ask over. As i can see to neighbors have nice Mitsubishi clubs, which i hope to meet some day. :)
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